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Join us on Tuesday, April 23rd to help feed Watauga County Students!

**Only in Boone, NC**


How much money was raised during Come Back Shack's first 2 Give Back Days?

Come Back Shack is pleased to announce that we sent a check of $3,210 in November and $3,877 in January for a total of $7,087 to Watauga County Schools! Thank you to all of our gracious community members that ate with us on 11/21 and 01/30  as well as submitted donations (which were donated in their full amount). 

I missed Give Back Day but want to help support Watauga County Schools. How can I help?

Great news! Come Back Shack will be hosting 1 more Give Back Shack day this school year- Tuesday, April 23rd! There will be more opportunities for you to dine with us as well as provide donations for Watauga County Schools on this day. If you would like to donate directly to Watauga County Schools, you can call them at (828) 264-7190. 

What is Give Back Shack?

Give Back Shack is what we're changing our name to on Tuesday, November 21st, Tuesday January 30th, and Tuesday, April 23rd! It's in honor of the spirit of giving back to our community- mainly students of Watauga County schools.

How will Come Back Shack be helping Watauga County Students?

According to Monica Bolick- Director of School Nutrition for Watauga County Schools- there is a current outstanding balance of around $24,000 just in student lunch debt. $11,000 of this balance have been covered by community members ($7000 coming from Come Back Shack) already, but there is still a large amount that needs to be covered. Come Back Shack wanted to help the School Board and county tackle this debt by hosting a Give Back Day where a portion of ALL sales made on Tuesday, November 21st, Tuesday January 30th, and Tuesday, April 23rd will be going back to the school debt fund. 

What portion of sales is Come Back Shack giving back to Watauga County Schools?

Come Back Shack will be giving back 20% of sales made from April 23rd. Any donations made will not be a percentage but rather a 100% donation that will go directly to Watauga County Schools.

What do I need to do to participate in Give Back Shack day?

Eat at Come Back Shack anytime on Tuesday, April 23rd! It's that easy. You don't have to mention you're there to support as a portion of ALL sales will be going back to the Watauga County School Board!

Can I purchase a T-Shirt for this event? 

Yes! T-shirts will be available for purchase on Tuesday, April 23rd in the restaurant! Short sleeve shirts= $16; Long sleeve shirts= $20.

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